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3D Lotto

3D Lotto

3D Lotto is simple to play. For every ten pesos you wager, you can win the First Prize of 4,500.00, or you can play the RAMBOLITO game to boost your chances of winning.

What to Do?

Simply choose your fortunate numbers and play it three (3) times per day as you choose. The first draw begins at 11 AM, followed by those at 4 PM and 9 PM in the evening.

Choose three numbers (ranging from 0 to 9) from the columns, one from each, or check the LP (Lucky Pick) box to have the terminal choose your number at random.

Consider playing the Rambolito as well. The technology will automatically produce all feasible options for the three-digit number combination you enter. The number of choices produced will be six if the chosen 3-digit combination does not contain repeating digits, for example, 123. (6). The number of choices produced will be three if the chosen 3-digit combination has two (2) repeated digits, for example, 122. (3). The Rambolito System Play also offers Lucky Pick, however, it does not allow for recurring digits.

For every ten pesos wagered, you receive 4,500.00 if all of your numbers match the winning combination in precise order. If you chose the “Rambolito” game with the right three numbers, you win!

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